Do Muslim women need feminism?

There was a time where I once used to identify myself as a Muslim feminist. However, when I started learning about the sociological perspective of feminism as well as having to teach it, I started getting more of an idea about what the term “feminist” really stands for. In simple terms, it is essentially either […]

Love Vs Lust Poem

How I wish the young girls could see, How these lustful relationships can be so temporary, Driven by lust, it’s easy to go crazy, So quick to lose every sense and dignity, Short sightedness leads to such powerful deceptions, Leading them to commit regretful actions, They need to realise what they’re feeling is not love […]

Hijab poem

In this Western society, the media tends to bang on about feminism Making women believe worth and liberation is achieved by gaining a male’s attention Telling them to dress in less, only to be objects of male’s desires They turn them into a cheap item that will have many buyers But who says males are […]

Fifty Shades of Grim – The Obsession With Hypersexualisation

This hype about “Fifty Shades of Grey” has got me really perturbed, compelling me to write this piece to discuss some issues that have been troubling me for a while. Even my Sociology students who are only aged between 16-18 couldn’t stop talking about this lewd movie and I’m sure children even younger are intrigued […]

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Poem

        This short poem is about the saviour of humanity The man of humbleness, purity and simplicity The one who came to heal the world from evil Saving mankind from being destined for Hell It was the founder of Islam, Prophet Muhammad, Peace upon him be He was the one who attained […]

Loving God: Blessing or Burden?

When God tells us to abide by His rules, many times we forget that it is actually for our own good, both in the Hereafter as well as in this world. However, we tend to see it as a burden and we fail to realise that there is goodness in this world with everything God […]

Culture vs. Religion Poem

I love my religion, But mixing it with culture can turn it into a burden. It is a dangerous combination that is emphasised by the older generation, This harsh hearted nature can be a core cause for much confusion, Creating nothing but tension which is puzzling the younger creation, Especially those wanting to escape a […]

Truth is dying (Poem)

  If you care for real things such as peace and justice, Watch how quick they’ll be , to label you a terrorist They don’t want you to care, they want you to be blind, They rejoice gleefully as they close up your mind They place all these distractions so we don’t give a crap about the truth […]

Have we become machines? (Poem)

Everyone’s become a victim of materialism The notion that we’re free is nothing but an illusion We’re more concerned about copying the current celebrity, or whether we’re wearing the latest Gucci, Why do we allow these petty distractions to let us forget the reality? A large part of the world has been accused of terrorism, […]

Boycotting Israel

Boycotting Israel does not only mean supporting Palestine. It also means decelerating an ideology that is trying to work towards a ruthless global empire. It means working towards impeding the oligarchy that is responsible for killing millions of people since the existence of their hegemonic supremacy. It means standing against wars on humanity that were […]