Boycotting Israel

Israel1Boycotting Israel does not only mean supporting Palestine. It also means decelerating an ideology that is trying to work towards a ruthless global empire. It means working towards impeding the oligarchy that is responsible for killing millions of people since the existence of their hegemonic supremacy. It means standing against wars on humanity that were carried out over greed for oil and power resulting in the murdering of innocent civilians in Iraq , Afghanistan, Vietnam, Japan, Pakistan, Libya etc.

Boycotting Israel also means fighting against the same American-Israeli scheme that has been working tirelessly to sustain poverty. It is revolting against those major Zionist banks such as the World Bank and the IMF who prevent foreign aid from reaching the civilians in third world countries. It is boycotting the elite that force the corrupt governments to use people’s charity money to pay off debts to these monstrous banks.

Boycotting Israel would also display the lifting of the tabs that have been applied upon our souls in the western world. It would demonstrate that altruism still exists and hasn’t become extinct in this materialistic society.

Boycotting Israel should not only be executed by refraining from buying coke or avoiding Tesco or other Israeli owned/backed companies. But by also taking a stand within ourselves to resist the temptations they have been seducing us with. It means to grab back our soul from the Zionist powered influences such as Hollywood and the pop music culture. It also means to stop engaging in hedonistic distractions placed by this dominant power. It means standing against those who want world domination by capturing our souls through diverting us from caring about what happens to the rest of humanity. This means not allowing ourselves to be consumed by distractions such as reality tv shows, music, clubbing, drinking, engaging in the hyper sexuality and gambling.

This is what our true aim for a Boycott should be.

We should definitely make a firm intention to Boycott all the products that are heavily involved with these criminals. But we should also change our entire mentality, and allow ourselves not to be influenced by their ideas. This is how we can show Zionists can no longer influence us, and that our brothers and sisters blood is more significant and effective than their immoral demonic efforts.



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