Fifty Shades of Grim – The Obsession With Hypersexualisation

red-and-blue-heart-dragon-dark-hd-with-a-woman-made-of-fire-235552This hype about “Fifty Shades of Grey” has got me really perturbed, compelling me to write this piece to discuss some issues that have been troubling me for a while.

Even my Sociology students who are only aged between 16-18 couldn’t stop talking about this lewd movie and I’m sure children even younger are intrigued by this. But why?


“The proof is the fact Fifty Shades was a best seller and nothing new. This is because we live in a sexually “liberated” society where there’s an Anne Summers shop on every high street and images of uncovered women on every corner.
Therefore, Fifty Shades will be a success and will be awful and trashy but it’s awful and trashy escapism.”

Read the Islamic Perspective on the book as well as an open letter against it.

We live in a society that places lust over love. People have forgotten what it is to love nowadays. They pacify themselves using outer sources of lust; such as cheating, chasing multiple partners, pornography or anything else of a hyper-sexualised nature.

People have forgot that the true meaning of love is:

“Love is the feeling that grows over time when a man and woman trust each other for companionship, understanding and support. The other kind of love is worship, and that is reserved for God alone.”

We live in a society that’s based on freedom of choice, but what’s the point of this choice when the results are fatherless children with an increase in single mothers and countless illegitimate children.

Another after effect of this “freedom” is women forgetting what it means to be a woman with this drive of feminism. Therefore, women are conflicted; they want equal rights with men and be independent but they still want to be looked after and feel protected by a man. Women try and chase sex like men do, only to realise what really makes women happy is commitment, stability, love and security. But hyper-sexuality is confusing everyone and I believe this is more so for females as the generations go on.

Through the media, women are made to believe the best way to get a man is through their outer attributes and being promiscuous; giving men sex before they can know the person underneath. But to a man, what’s the point of that? Why on earth would they want to commit to you forever if you’re giving them everything they need in the first place?

Watch this hilarious yet insightful excerpt from Mark Gungor’s seminar “Laugh Your Way To A Better Marriage”. Pay particular attention 4mins onwards where an important formula is explained.

Long gone are the days where men and women went on multiple dates and women were finely dined before the man even got a first kiss (the previous norms of the West). Now society is telling women to be more licentious.

Do you not see its mind numbing reality tv shows like TOWIE, MIC, Desi Rascals?!  etc. as well as music videos, filthy movies and even pornography which are dictating people’s thoughts and beliefs. Social media is also a culprit in perpetuating this promiscuity with casual dating sites such as tinder and plenty of fish. All of this is resulting in men forgetting what it means to be chivalrous, good charactered gentlemen because they are now solely driven by their animal instincts of testosterone. This doesn’t help with women becoming confused about their identity too, making them give themselves up more freely.

It’s time we all recognise that the likes of Kim Kardashian, Katie Price, J Lo, Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus etc. are far from being role models, and their qualities of pursuing fame and fortune through open degradation of women is not the way to true fulfilment. The movie “Fifty shades…” is taking these existing ideas a step further, by teaching women their worth is by being subjugated to the desires of a male, and he will splash out his fortune on you. Even if you might openly condemn such ideologies, these ideas are being fed into your subconscious because of everything around you. But girls, I hope you fully realise that these are not role models and this is really not the way to attain love.

Women need to start realising that their worth is not by the physical “plastic looking” attributes that are shoved on us by the media. We need to realise the media does not care about us, they only care about the fact that they get most their revenue through health and beauty products which are fuelled by the insecurity of women, as well as the multi billion dollar industry of selling sex. They just care about the money. So girls, realise you are worth more than a commodity to fuel capitalistic ideals. You are a human, an intellectual being and a soul, which, if it is used in the right way, can make great changes in the world. You don’t need to chase materialism to be noticed by males, enhance your intellectual worth and the perfect gentleman will complete your fairytale.



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