Hijab poem

In this Western society, the media tends to bang on about feminism
Making women believe worth and liberation is achieved by gaining a male’s attention
Telling them to dress in less, only to be objects of male’s desires
They turn them into a cheap item that will have many buyers
But who says males are better than the females for them to deserve such a satisfaction?
We should question whether this really offers women freedom (or only benefits men)
Are women not good enough to be their own individuals?
Being recognised as a separate living entity noticed for their minds and souls
By diverting a male’s attention from their assets to their intellect
At least I’ve found something that allows us to have that effect
This is something that is enabled by the choosing of covering (hijab)
Do people know the value this choice can bring?
The media makes people believe these women (who cover) are oppressed
However in reality, they are truly blessed
Blessed to the One who created humanity
The One who prevents them from being a slave of society
Remember, living to impress others generates insecurities
But living to impress the Lord brings nothing but bounties
Is it really worth being a temporary lustful “object” of little worth like Jordan and Rihanna?
Or would you want to attain lasting respect through elegance like Mary (Mother of Jesus, PBUH) and Princess Diana?
It’s up to us the choice we take
We are but in charge of our own fate
At least when you’re covering you will impress the King,
But ask yourself, if you’re dying to impress other humans, are you really living???




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