Love Vs Lust Poem


How I wish the young girls could see,
How these lustful relationships can be so temporary,
Driven by lust, it’s easy to go crazy,
So quick to lose every sense and dignity,
Short sightedness leads to such powerful deceptions,
Leading them to commit regretful actions,
They need to realise what they’re feeling is not love but an illusion,
Hollywood and Bollywood romance have clouded the power to reason,
Too trapped within this whirlwind of short term temptation,
When we all know who is really instigating this sexual tension,
When there’s a male and female in the room, we are told the third person is satan,
So if he really loved you, why is he taking you to hell?
For him, your soul and body you’re so quick to sell,
So wake up please and snap out of this phase,
Don’t be so desperate, hanging on to his every word and yearning his praise,
If he really wanted you he would approach your wali (guardian),
Instead of luring you in selfishly through committing indefinitely,
Asking for your hand in marriage would be his prerogative,
So tell me girls, how do you really want to live?
A life full of regrets after giving into someone who is not worthy,
Or being patient with God’s will and waiting for the one who will cherish you for eternity,
So please differentiate and realise love is not obsessively needing,
Love in a marriage is through selflessness, sacrifice and serving,
Every woman should want someone where you really want to grow old together,
Not just because of his material attributes (looks, wealth, job etc) but because of the weight of his character,
Because in the grand scheme of things that’s the only quality that lasts,
It is a quality more precious than gold, especially if he prays and fasts,
As that shows he will be in it with you for the long haul,
Not just in this world, but also in the eternal abode of the soul (paradise)



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