Ramadhan Poem

ramadhanRamadhan is here, the month that is truly blessed
The one we should view as a treasure chest
Because we are the ones that have the privilege
Of allowing ourselves to take advantage
Of the abundant multiplied rewards left for us to reap
Through fasting and prayers and the sacrifice of our sleep
It is the perfect training month to teach us appreciation
Of what we have compared to the ones dying of starvation
It should enable us to question the reason for the existence of the poverty stricken
If the world was only for mindless hedonism, why is it they don’t have the same privilege to enjoy then?
Ramadan is the month that pushes us to strive harder to become a better person
By repenting and making more of an effort of refraining from sinning and temptation
It should make us humble and sincere
Constantly praising and remembering the One we should fear
So hopefully we can try our best to increase our good deeds
Through Taraweeh, and substituting music with reciting the Quran and Nasheeds
So let us experience the essence of spirituality
So that Allah can bless us abundantly with His mercy



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