Have we become machines? (Poem)

Everyone’s become a victim of materialism
The notion that we’re free is nothing but an illusion
We’re more concerned about copying the current celebrity, or whether we’re wearing the latest Gucci,
Why do we allow these petty distractions to let us forget the reality?
A large part of the world has been accused of terrorism,
Planned purposely to escalate racism,
Why are we letting ourselves be brainwashed,
And allowing our beautiful hearts to be crushed?
We’ve all become blind puppets for these leading criminal Muppets,
They just want to kill and get away with killing,
They cage people’s free will for all these selfish agendas they want to fulfil,
It’s all a planned plot; will you open your eyes?
It is the real eyes that will start realizing these lies,
Do we really want this life of emptiness?
Being like machines only to expand the capitalist’s success?
Or are we humans, who have a yearning for a better society?
And not for one that enforces selfishness and being greedy,
We should wake up to the truth and end all this crookedness,
That’ll be the key to unlock the world’s happiness,
So let’s all get together for peace and unity,
So this can enable our trapped souls to fly free.

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