Truth is dying (Poem)


If you care for real things such as peace and justice,
Watch how quick they’ll be , to label you a terrorist

They don’t want you to care, they want you to be blind,
They rejoice gleefully as they close up your mind

They place all these distractions so we don’t give a crap about the truth
They don’t want us to be like Assange, Malcolm X, or Lauren Booth…

They’ve turned us into a herd of sheep
Instead of people being heard

Making us focused on trying to conform
Just because it’s become the norm

Doesn’t matter if it insults our soul
They just want us to be controlled

To fuel that corrupt system of theirs further
To continue implementing their sinister world order

Making us desperate to fit in
Concerned about impressing
Those who do nothing else but engage in constant judging

They want us all to be the same, merely passive consumers
Fuelling this horrid system of spiritual emptiness

Engrossing our hearts with the love of money
Leaving us feeling nothing but a void of inner serenity

Making us slave day and night
Trapping us into this frightful plight

Who do we benefit, do we realise?
It is the ones who REALLY terrorise

All those innocents around the world,
Just so they can exercise their control

It is all a wicked game and we are just the pawns,
The ones the crooks use to fund their drones

What do we do to get ourselves out of this
We need to grab back the minds they’re snatching away from us

It all starts by taking a look in the mirror
Like Rumi said; just wanting to change the world is merely being clever
But being wise is to realise, the faults that lie within,
And try our best to improve ourselves first and avoid committing sin

So inshaAllah (God willing) we can focus on such matters that will bring us benefit
And improve this pit of darkness that just so happens to be our planet




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